Exploring Organic Society

Ask and Embla is a publishing company devoted to understanding the organic nature of the universe, the roots of human society, the meaning of culture and spirituality, and how we can then take this understanding and apply that knowledge to our daily lives.

Ask and Embla supports:
embracing the natural world around us;
pre-christian religion and organic spirituality (paganism);
empowered individuals;
organic communities;
traditional family values;
honoring our ancestors;
(actual) free-markets;
the sovereignty of nations, communities, families, and individuals;

Ask and Embla supports tribalism instead of institutionalization. Human beings from all parts of the globe have evolved to live in supportive tribes, not under institutional systems of control.

Ask and Embla seeks to point out the reality of organized institutions. All institutions inherently work for the benefit of the institution itself, instead of for it's members or even it's stated goal. If an institution does achieve it's stated goal (mission statement), or benefit it's members in some way, it does so for the purpose of maintaining it's existence only. Any institution, be it a global system of control, a national government, a church, a school, a library, a non-profit charity, or a social club of some sort, will (knowingly or not) work first and foremost for the continuation and growth of it's own self. In this it takes on a sort of artificial life. It will seek to continue this artificial life, sometimes even at the expense of the real lives of those who support the institution, or those who stand in it's way. As our organic societies have been replaced by institutional society, so our lives tend to feel more artificial. Of course, in reality the institution has no power whatsoever, beyond that which we give to it by our belief in it.

Our main premise is that the material universe and the metaphysical divine, human society and nature, the community and the individual, are all one whole, living thing.

This organic body is who we really are, and makes up the world that we live in. Generally though, in the modern world, because of the institutionalization of society, we tend to feel isolated from nature, from each other, from our own communities, and from our roots.

Our main conclusion then, is that this feeling is just an illusion, brought about by a society which focused on manipulation and control instead of being the organic support network that human society naturally is. Seeing again our connection to everything, the organic reality that we live in, and in doing so returning society to it's organic state of being, is the goal here.

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