Humans are meant live in tribes. The lack of connection and community in our modern society is evident in the suffering of millions. Many of our social problems can be directly traced to a lack of real, organic community. Humans need community in the same way they need air and food and water. Tribalism has been the natural state of humanity for hundreds of thousands of years. It’s how we evolved to live.

In our modern culture, in which our tribes for the most part of been destroyed, and replaced with cold, uncaring institutions, the family is the only remaining remnant of the tribe. The family was also the cornerstone of the tribe in the past. The importance of even the family is under threat in our modern culture, the extended family and those associated with them which would make up the tribe, the unity of that unit has all but been completely dissolved.

To remove people from their community, where they are supported by dozens of people who accept them fully, to pull people away from their indigenous roots is a special type of violence. It’s no wonder that people in our modern culture are so stressed, so violent, and exhibit the same kinds of behaviors that animals do who are caged in zoos.

Ideally, from the perspective of the individual, an individual is born into a family. That family is part of a clan, made of the extended family of that individual. The clan is one part of a larger tribe, made up of interconnected clans. That tribe is part of a larger federation of tribes, who stick together based on relation or just for support. This provides an unequaled network of support for that individual. There is nothing in our modern culture that can come close to this level of support and community, except those groups of people that still live in a tribal situation.

We have been fed a lie that humanity somehow evolved out of a tribal way of life, that nation-states replaced tribalism and this was somehow a positive thing. Nation-states replacing tribes was a deliberate way of crushing power and freedom, and subjecting as many people as possible under a hierarchy, of centralizing control under a single ruler.

In Europe, Christianity was the biggest factor in the destruction of the traditional tribe. Often European tribal heads would embrace Christianity as a means of centralizing power under them, breaking the organic community in the process. Other times and equally as often the conversion to Christianity was forced.

Our current model of living under nation-states that force the common people to war constantly to serve the interests of those in power is not sustainable, and will crumble. Time and time again we see that the Empire model is not sustainable, and will fall. Humanity will return to tribal living, the question for most people is if it will be a graceful transition or a painful one. Ether way it’s bound to happen, and it should be welcomed. Only within the tribe is the individual truly supported, and can live freely in a way that isn’t possible in a nation-state.

We can grow our organic communities back by focusing on our families. By building beautiful, loving families that are truly supportive and care for each other, instead of relying on various institutions to take care of ourselves and each other. Our live in modern society is almost entirely institutionalized, from school, to hospitals, to daycares and elderly care facilities, to almost all our jobs being outside the homestead. Being dependent on institutions for everything in daily life as robbed us of our independence.

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