The Wild (Natural Law)

In modern society is out of touch with the wild, the organic, the natural. We are out of touch with our past and our present, which will inevitably lead to a future of ruin.

What is sustainable living for humans look like? It looks like how humans have lived on this planet for tens of thousands of years before the modern era. It looks like people living self-sufficiently off the land, using permaculture farming methods, hunting, and gathering wild foods. It looks like people living in small close-knit communities, tribes, not in nation-states. It looks like people producing what they need for themselves and their tribe, and sharing and trading with other tribes, and not profit based market systems. It looks like not taking from the earth more than we need. Living in harmony again with the rest of nature, close to the land and each other. Humans know how to do this, we already successfully did this for tens of thousands of years.

We can't rely on governments or technologies to solve our problems, we have to return to the so called primitive roots of our ancestors. We can learn from the communities of people who are still living this way in various parts of the world. We can take small steps each day to return to a primitive lifestyle, by securing land for ourselves and our families, producing our own food, learning how to craft clothes, furniture, tools and other things we need, and growing an organic tribe.

As far as what technologies should be kept, anything that already exists we can repurpose and reuse. We should stop buying new things though, and just reuse what already has been produced. In the future we can keep whatever technologies can be produced locally. Such as electricity...can it be produced locally? If so, then great. If not, it should be left alone. Technologies like solar power that require high tech panels and batteries that must be produced with large scale industry are not a solution and will need to be abandoned. Unless the components, plastics, metals etc needed to produce a technology can be controlled and produced locally by a tribe for themselves, in other words if it requires large scale industry, it needs to be abandoned. We need to reduce our dependency not only on one particular way of creating energy, like oil or coal, but on all ways. We need to not be dependent on electricity at all. Obviously without electricity there is no appliances, computers, phones, etc. That's fine, we need to be ride of them then. IF there is a way of sustainably and locally producing electricity, then fine, go for it. IF there is a way of locally and sustainably producing computers, servers, and the infrastructure needed to run the internet, then great, but we can't be dependent on it. We should be fine living without it. Unplugging can do wonders for the human spirit anyway. Without purchasing new items, it's fine to reuse what already exists so long as we are not dependent on it, and so long as we are taking steps to be able to live electricity free.

There is nothing wrong with technology, in the sense of people figuring out clever and useful ways of doing things. That's fine. But we need to recognize that in our modern culture we have taken a misstep. It's alright to make mistakes, but we need to learn from our mistakes and choose a different path. Maybe it feels hard because we have traveled so far down our current path, but it's a dead end. We see the cliff, we are standing on the edge. Just because our current path lead us to this cliff doesn't mean we need to jump off it, we can turn around and head back, finding the True path again. The True path is that which is in harmony with our natural being, with the planet and with each other. We have been lied to and told that life is a struggle against nature, existence is a struggle, and we must fight against ourselves and our world to survive. This story is false. In order to survive, and thrive, we must live in harmony with the natural world, we ARE the natural world, and expression of it and we are killing ourselves as well as the planet when we don't see that.

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