The State Overreach Called Jury Duty

James Forester | 06/24/2022

The state has taken upon itself the sole responsibility for providing justice. Outside of the state justice system, any act of justice is considered "taking the law into your own hands" and is seriously frowned on. What we call the justice system is simply the state monopolizing justice. In order to run this system, the state regularly invites citizens to participate, by forcing them to serve on juries. To make jury duty mandatory is a massive overreach of the state.

Jury duty should not be mandatory. If it exists at all, it should be done on a volunteer basis only. Some people seem excited about having to serve on a jury, and those people should be the people who serve on juries. Here is an idea, when an individual registers to vote, include a little box that says "willing to serve on a jury" and only those people who opt in by checking said box should be selected. The forcefully require anyone to selected to serve on a jury is to violate the natural sovereignty of the individual.

Of course the very idea that justice can be reached through a jury should be suspect. Has anyone ever sat down with a group of twelve strangers and thought, "Wow, I would trust these people with a very major design which would impact my whole life."? No rational person would do that. Yet somehow we think a jury of our "peers" can be trusted with justice. If we would not trust a random group of people to make major life choices for us, like marriage or having kids, why would we trust a random group of people to decide our guilt? When the outcome of that verdict can ruin someone's life entirely? It's not as if juries have always reached the correct verdict, often very bad guys go free and good guys get put in prison for crimes they did not commit.

Let us be clear here, "peers" does not mean friends. The jury is not made up of people living in a real community, who are invested in each other, who know each other personally and can be expected to be understanding of the person on trial as an individual. In the ancient past, the community would have dealt with justice, with the involved parties being a part of the community, and the whole community invested in the outcome. Modern society though is seriously lacking in community, with the state helping to kidnap the community and replacing it with institutional society instead.

Another annoying feature of jury duty is that it does not distinguish between men and women, equally selecting either one from a household. For those who are trying to live in a more traditional way, there is something to distinguish. Women are the center of home and family life. If someone must be selected from the household it should certainly be the man, or at the very least, the man should be able to substitute himself for his wife if she is selected.

Mandatory jury duty is just another example of state tyranny which goes completely unnoticed by today's conservative, who merely seeks to conserve the level of freedom into which he was born, instead of striving for liberty.

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